Thank you for visiting my virtual study, a place where you can find out what I am up to and read some of my reflections on a range of questions and issues.

I am committed to learning and change and growth through engagement with people and the questions that shape human wellbeing. I am a teacher and writer of pastoral and practical theology.

My concerns have been very much shaped by the diversity of contexts within which I have worked. These include pastoral work with people at various stages of their living and dying; health and social care in acute and primary care settings; organisational development; theological education and inter-professional collaboration on ethics.

This experience has shaped my interests which include Pastoral and Practical Theology, Reflective Ministry, Pastoral Care and Counselling, Autobiography and Biography, Health and Social Care, Care of Older People, Spirituality and Ageing and Death and Dying.

You can see more of these interests in each of the sections of this website and below are my latest additions to the website.

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Age and Ageing Resources (web sites) Centre for Aging and Pastoral Studies


Promoting well-being in later life through research, education, ethics and spirituality.


The Centre for Ageing and Pastoral Studies (CAPS), is a not for profit centre for multi-disciplinary research, education and policy development in pastoral studies, ageing and related ethical issues, CAPS seeks to:

Age and Ageing Resources (web sites) Selwyn Centre for Ageing and Spirituality

The Selwyn Centre for Ageing and Spirituality

Chapel at Selwyn VillageOlder people have spiritual needs, particularly at times of illness, disability or approaching death. They frequently seek to bring deeper meaning to their lives, and their spiritual needs intensify as they near the end of their lives. They may wish to examine relationships, look to find connections, to bring sense and satisfaction for a life lived - and explore their individual sense of being.

Promoting Good Practice : Faith in Older People


Enabling a better understanding of the importance of the spiritual dimension to the well-being of older people.

Our Aims

•to educate, encourage and support volunteers, health and social care workers, members of faith communities and other agencies to increase their understanding of spiritual care and issues around ageing.
•to deliver events, courses and materials to meet identified need.
•to continue to build the capacity and efficiency of the organisation.

Seamus Heaney


In 2006 prize-winning poet Seamus Heaney suffered a stroke which left him for a time
paralyzed on his left side. That experience is reflected in his poem, "Had I Not Been Awake:"

Had I not been awake I would have missed it,
A wind that rose and whirled until the roof
Pattered with quick leaves off the sycamore

And got me up, the whole of me a-patter,
Alive and ticking like an electric fence:
Had I not been awake I would have missed it,


by HR Moody

Memory is frail, we know. So we make lists, write journals and diaries, keep
the family photo album, pile up notebooks (I’m drowning in them!). As we get older, we
may reminisce and ponder the past. Yet, relying on memory, we lose so much, it seems.

But what if we could retain it all? Perhaps the solution will come through the new
activity of “LifeLogging.” One website for a LifeLogging camera technology promises:
“Imagine being able to chronicle your life in the absolute minutest detail.”


Wisdom is insight into things as they are, and is acquired only when one is near the end.
It cannot be taught; each must learn it for himself or herself through their own folly and out
of the bitterness of their own end. It is the understanding of the relationship of the particular
to the whole, and this understanding is achieved only when the whole comes into view —
that is to say, at the end.

Age Ageing Resources (web sites) Centre on Policy Ageing

Centre for Policy on Ageing

The Centre for Policy on Ageing, established in 1947 by the Nuffield Foundation, has a long and distinguished record as an independent charity promoting the interests of older people through research, policy analysis and the dissemination of information.

The Centre aims to raise awareness of issues around all aspects of ageing and to support good practice. Its overarching focus is to discover and advocate what older people themselves want and need.

Age Ageing Resources (web sites) Age UK

Age Concern

Who we are

100-year-old Eileen Symmonds

Age UK is the country's largest charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of later life.

The over-60s are the fastest-growing group in society and there are more of us than ever before.

Ageing is not an illness, but it can be challenging and, at Age UK, we provide services and support at a national and local level to inspire, enable and support older people.